Better Event Management Tools for Better ROI

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Forbes contributor Tom Groenfeldt describes the rapid evolution of event management in their integration of careful analysis of meeting costs and return on investment.  

Organizations that he describes as "best in class" are significantly better, often twice as good, at project management, registration and tracking, internal approval of meeting, marketing and formalized processes for payment of meeting related expenses.  "Organizations have a lot more focus on total spend for meetings and events, said Sherman, as CFOs look for much better information and firms look to drive efficiency in marketing."


"The rapid evolution in SMM shows up in areas such as analytics and reporting, which Aberdeen says are in place in 46 percent more Best-in-Class organizations. It is often the weakest link in strategic meetings and events management, said the consultancy."

  • Persistent engagement with audiences
  • Centralized database for contacts, suppliers and content
  • Ongoing collection of intelligence on attendees, events and suppliers
  • Consistent use of mobile apps and portals
  • Post-event analysis

“Post-event analysis has become a critical program attribute that not only helps gauge the effectiveness, value and ultimate return-on-investment of a meeting, but also supports proactive planning in regards to future events,” writes Aberdeen’s Christopher Dwyer.

The entire Forbes article can be read here.