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QuickScan Registration

Our QuickScan self-service kiosks dramatically streamline the registration process by allowing attendees to quickly register and/or print their badge on-site with no hassle and no wait. Attendees can check-in by scanning a QR code or NFC card if provided in advance or if they have not received credentials, by simply inputting their name or membership number to access their record. Within seconds, their registration and payment is verified, badge printed and meeting materials issued for immediate pick up.

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A fast and smooth registration process sets the tone for a great meeting. Beginning well before the event, our user friendly online registration system makes registration -- and registration changes -- a snap. Attendees will find everything they need about the meeting at their fingertips, whether they’re using a desktop or mobile device, and can download information, confirmation letters, and receipts. We provide a secure on-line payment process direct to your account with weekly reviews.

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We provide a variety of options for attendees to easily complete the registration process and quickly pick up their meeting materials. For those needing assistance, temp staff have a single screen providing all details about the attendee’s registration that allows them to make quick changes and quick badge reprints. The system is scalable from 2 to 200 stations and supports multiple registration/satellite registration locations simultaneously.