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Supports NFC and QR Code

Supports NFC and QR Code

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Welcome to Convergence Leads, where we put advanced technology and design features together to make collecting, managing and following up on your leads easier than ever before. We utilize Near Field Communications (NFC) technology to instantly transfer attendee contact information with a simple touch of the registration badge.  

Every licensee receives their own internet account portal where they can follow the progress of their lead collection, add customized questions, sort and graph leads by category and download their data in a variety of formats. Our application and license can be downloaded from the Apple or Google play stores to your own phone or tablet or if you prefer, we can provide you with a tablet ready to go with the application already installed.

Our Products

App License Download to your own Mobile Device

Use your own Android phone or tablet to collect your leads. Just download the cvLeads app from the App Store or Google play to your own device, open the app, enter your license number and you're ready to go. Convergence will send you a unique license number by email approximately two weeks prior to the event that will activate the app.

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Nexus 7 Tablet with Pre-loaded App and License

This super high resolution 7" tablet is also amazingly thin, light and easy to use.  With our pre-loaded tablet, there's no need to download the app or share someone's personal device and your data is completely safe and secure. Just enter your license code and you're ready to start collecting leads.

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Bluetooth Wireless Mini-printer

This fast and reliable thermal wireless bluetooth mini printer weighs under 9 ounces and is completely portable. It's durable battery comes fully charged so there is no need for a separate power source.

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Exhibit Floor Delivery

We can deliver your cvLeads order right to your booth on the exhibit floor before the first exhibit session and make sure that you're ready to start collecting your leads. No need to find us, we'll find you

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Your Own Web Portal Included

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You will receive an email from Convergence two weeks prior to the meeting date providing your license activation number(s) and web portal account login credentials. Using your web portal, you can enter qualifiers to sync to your mobile device, view leads as they are captured, and analyze, sort and download your leads. Our analytics charts tell you at a glance everything you need to know about the leads you have collected, including demographic representation, leads by user, historical trends, heat ratings and much more.

For customers ordering software licenses only, you can download Convergence Leads at anytime to your own mobile device from the Apple or Google play stores. However, please note that Convergence Leads can only be used in demo mode until your license number is entered and activated.

On-site Service Desk

For those using Convergence provided equipment, Convergence has a well marked booth in the service area on the exhibit hall floor where you will pick up your order (Convergence also provides delivery directly to your booth for a small fee). Just stop by anytime to pick up your equipment, which has already been reserved for you. Tablets are fully loaded with the software application and immediately ready for use. Any questions/qualifiers you enter on your web portal account will be automatically synced with your tablet device.