Convergence Mobile Event Planner

A lightning fast native mobile app with no internet required. Built for IOS and Android to give meeting attendees everything they need at their fingertips. Fast and smooth operation using the latest mobile app technologies.

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Features Overview

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Desktop Planner

Select from hundreds of sessions to create your own daily meeting schedule. Easily add personal schedule items with your meeting sessions and events. See your entire schedule on a single screen that can be clicked for additional detail. Use myAgenda All to see your scheduled items in time and date chronology.

We understand the importance of exhibitors to the success of the event and place them top of mind with: instant one-touch connections to exhibitor email, phone numbers and websites, a sortable exhibitor directory, full company description and logo, animated interactive mapping to booth locations, listing of exhibitor’s social media links.

The app is coded to provide comprehrensive real-time analytics reports that meeting management can use to assess meeting performance throughout the course of the event.

Each registrant is assigned a personalized barcode that is scanned upon entering and exiting CE sessions. The information is immediately transferred to a database for the calculation of courses attended and credits received. Attendees can check their CE credit status right on the app and complete speaker evaluations.

Every app user also receives access to the browser version so they can easily access meeting information and make changes to their agenda. Want to set up your meeting schedule in advance from your computer? Or share your schedule with a assistant or colleague back in the office? Now you can do so easily.

Users aren’t limited to a single mobile device. Use your computer to set up your schedule before the meeting, make changes on your tablet while traveling and use your smart phone during the meeting.

We make sure that each speaker gets the recognition they deserve and that attendees get the information they need. Detailed information on event speakers includes their biography, profile picture, abstracts and PDF's and PowerPoints submitted. View, print and download documents right from the app on your device.

Have last minute changes to the meeting schedule? Sudden room changes you need to let attendees know about? We have you covered with push notification capability built right into the app that allows the meeting management to immediately notify app users of schedule changes and other important announcements.

Streamline the registration process by simply scanning your personalized barcode from the app at the Scan and Go stations to receive your name badge and meeting materials.

It Just Makes Sense

Moving from paper-based to digital-based meeting content for your attendees gives them access to everything they need on their own device. No more lugging around piles of written material and no more printing costs for the meeting sponsors.

Your meeting Your Design

A meeting app should reflect your organization's style and message while providing the critical meeting data in an easy to use format. Our meeting apps put you in the driver's seat by providing almost unlimited design options to complement your content. 


Information At Your Fingertips

Our user friendly screens and navigation get you where you need to go fast with extensive search capabilities to make finding people or program content a snap. Easily locate exhibitors and find their booth location with animated mapping. 

Your Own Customized Agenda

In just minutes, you can select from hundreds of meeting sessions and events to create a customized agenda that perfectly fits your needs. Review your entire schedule at a glance on a single screen with click through to see session detail.

Showcase Your Speakers

Highlight your speakers with bios, photos and abstracts. Attendees can perform speaker evaluations and take session notes right on the app and even submit questions during the session. View, download and print session documents and power points.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Meeting sponsors understand the value of advertising on mobile event apps that on average generate over 100 page views daily. We build in options for everything from full page splash screens to rotating banners for page headers and footers. 

CE Tracking Perfected

For professional organizations with continuing education requirements, it's never been easier to track CE sessions attended and CE credits received. Users scan using a badge containing an NFC chip or QR Code as they enter sessions and can check their credit status at anytime. 


Make the most of the meeting with easy to use tools to contact other attendees. And yes, you can add your personal  schedule items right to your session and event itinerary.

Save Money -- And Trees!

A paperless event makes attendees happy while dramatically reducing publication costs and your CO2 footprint. The convenience of having all your meeting materials available electronically also means last minute changes can be made, even during the meeting. Contact us to learn how your organization can enjoy these benefits.