NFC Kiosks

Stand out from the crowd in a big way with your own NFC Kiosk promotion utilizing SmartCard technology. Exhibitors will have attendees rushing to their booths to qualify for a promotion with just a tap of their SmartCard at your kiosk.  The kiosk also brings you the benefit of lead retrieval with a customizable “Quick Submit” business prospect survey that can be completed in less than 10 seconds. You’ll never lose a business lead again.

Starbucks Kiosk 6.png

Have attendees stop by your booth for a visit and a quick tap of their SmartCard for a Starbucks gift card? Offer a drawing for the new iPad Air? Promote the drawing ahead of time and announce the winner in the exhibit hall. The options are virtually unlimited and we can help with ideas and discounts with preferred vendors.

Oyster Fest SmartCard.png

NFC SmartCards

NFC SmartCards turn the attendee's name badge into a mini-computer for purposes of the event. Uses include CE session access, meals, event access, transportation, event promotions and much more.  Because the SmartCard is used so frequently, it represents a highly sought after sponsorship opportunity.

SmartCard with Multi Sponsors.png

Quick Look Meeting Agenda

The possibilities are literally endless in terms of the SmartCard's promotional uses including a "Quick Look" agenda for checking the scheduling of major event times.